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In this new millennium, science and technology bridge the communication of people globally with the purposes of adventuring into the unknowns and improving the quality of human life. This Postgraduate Colloquium 2022 is set to be a multidisciplinary research colloquium that draws quality research primarily from UTAR postgraduates on a wide variety of important scientific areas. Based on the theme “Towards Innovative Research in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM)”, this colloquium takes into awareness the vital knowledge provided by science, engineering and technology in the advancement of our race. Hence, this colloquium aims to serve as an academic platform for researchers to present their research findings in all aspects of STEM to encourage substantive knowledge transfer. Furthermore, UTAR undergraduate students are given an opportunity to have a better overview and understanding of the UTAR postgraduate programme, thus developing and strengthening a community of future scientists that will help to drive the advancement of science.

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